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Preparing for Passover

Christian Embassy staff, Holocaust survivors pack Passover baskets

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14 Mar 2013
Preparing for Passover

As the Passover festival approaches this March 25th, the ICEJ has been busy preparing food baskets and other items for distribution to needy Israeli families in time for this revered Jewish holiday.

On a beautiful spring day in mid-March, the ICEJ AID department led a group of ten staff members for a busy work day in Haifa stuffing Passover baskets for local residents. The gift boxes contained unleavened matza bread, grape juice, kosher flour and cookies, and many other food supplies that will go to five hundred needy families in northern Israel for their Pessach seder meals.

The packaging was done in the sunny outdoors at the Haifa Home for Holocaust survivors, and a dozen survivors who live at the ICEJ’s unique assisted-living home joined in the work and fun. The Israeli television network Channel One sent a film crew to cover the unusual interaction between Holocaust survivors and Christian Embassy volunteers for the main evening news.

“We help needy families for Passover“, explained Yosef, a Holocaust survivor and Haifa Home resident, as he quickly packed food items into boxes.

“We are stacking quite fast but that is fine”, said Shula, another survivor at the home. “We have to do it so everything is ready when the families come to pick up the packages.”

“It is a wonderful day. I really like it very much to work together with others to help those who need support,” chimed in ICEJ staff member Pnina Zubarev. “I’m working with Yosef and Shula, who are 70 or 80 years old but they act like young people do!”

“It is always good to go out on these hands-on work days to make a real difference in other peoples’ lives. That is why I came to Israel”, added ICEJ co-worker Matthew Norris.

“As Christians we love to show our support for Israel. To help needy Jewish families celebrate the holiday of Passover with the rest of the nation especially gives me a lot of joy”, said ICEJ AID director Nicole Yoder.

“I love to do things for people in need and it is most wonderful that we can do it together with Holocaust survivors”, concurred her ICEJ AID colleague Yudit Setz.

Each year, the Christian Embassy provides traditional Passover baskets to impoverished families all across Israel, including needy new immigrants, single-parent homes, Ethiopian Jews, the elderly and especially Holocaust survivors.

To watch the Channel One TV news report (in Hebrew) on the Passover preparations, please start the video below:


To make a timely donation today towards the ICEJ’s Passover distribution effort, please click HERE.



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