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Prayer Letter for October 2021

Isaiah 62 Prayer Campaign

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Isaiah 62 Prayer Letter - October 2021

Dear prayer partners,

We have just concluded a wonderful celebration of the Feast of Tabernacles here in Jerusalem. Although we could not welcome Feast pilgrims to Israel once again due to health rules, tens of thousands of Christians watched our daily Feast programs from around the Holy Land on Christian television networks worldwide, while thousands more joined us on our online streaming platform. It was a glorious time of eight days of worship and ministry in the Word of God from locations across the Land of Israel, and these daily celebrations – along with over 100 seminar teachings – will now be available to Feast registrants for months to come as view-on-demand videos.

One of the most important and popular features of this year’s Feast of Tabernacles was the prayer component. We hosted an eight-day Sukkot prayer vigil online, with our branch offices, teaming with churches, prayer groups, worship leaders and many others from over 70 nations to carry the prayer chain for 168 continuous hours – from 20 to 27 September. In response, we are receiving many powerful testimonies of God moving in mighty ways throughout the world.

Some of the groups participating in the prayer vigil wore their traditional national costumes, as if they were in Jerusalem to “appear before the Lord in Zion.” The intercessors from Ecuador were especially colourful in their native outfits. Meantime, believers from such places as Egypt, Iraq, Uzbekistan and Khazakstan also joined the 24/7 prayer vigil during Sukkot – for some of these nations, it was the first time they had joined our prayer initiatives and we were thrilled to have them.

Another prayer event was arranged at “Succat Hallel” as part of the daily Feast programs. This is a 24/7 prayer and worship center in Jerusalem overlooking the Old City which was founded by Rick and Patty Ridings some 20 years ago. The presence of God came as we joined with our hosts in worship and in praying for Israel and the nations. We also prayed over many personal prayer requests which had come in during the Feast. We are hearing testimonies of God healing and delivering during this time of intercession.

ICEJ President Dr Jürgen Bühler had a prophetic word that someone was considering to file for divorce that very day, but God wanted to turn things around in their marriage. Sure enough, we received word from China that a dear lady was ready to divorce her unfaithful husband that day but came under conviction from the Holy Spirit to hold off and allow the Lord to mend their broken relationship.

Jürgen and Rick Ridings also sensed the Lord speaking urgently to several Feast viewers to establish or get involved in 24/7 houses of prayer in their cities and regions, stressing how pray is always the key to revival.

During the Succat Hallel prayer gathering, we also heard inspiring testimonies from some of our national leaders about how God is moving in their countries. For instance, Chile recently held national elections which were projected to put a very leftist government in power. But the saints prayed and at the last minute a more conservative leader was surprisingly elected with an agenda to raise a godly standard in the country and to stand with Israel.

Our ICEJ national director in Bolivia, Apostle Antonio Magno Sales, shared how he was faithful to bless Israel during last year’s online Feast, and ever since then he has added 3,000 newly saved members to his church, despite the long coronavirus lockdowns. He was convinced that bringing his following into the Feast to make even a ‘virtual’ appearance in Zion has ensured spiritual rains of revival in his country.

We also have received an incredible testimony from the Philippines of repentance and revival among the youth. This year’s Feast theme was “Days of Elijah” – based on the promise in Malachi 4:5-6 that God would bring about in the last days a turning of the hearts of the fathers to the children, and children to the fathers. So, we had several times of focused prayer at the Feast for the Lord to move among the youth and young adults. And a powerful report has come in, along with photos and video footage, of a sovereign move of God among a group of youth gathered for a Feast watch party at the Mount Moriah Prayer Mountain retreat center in the Philippines.

While worship was taking place inside, several regional pastors were meeting outside the center to plan the flow of events for the evening. But then they heard everything go silent inside, and when they entered, all the youth were laying on the floor under the power of the Holy Spirit and confessing their sins. Several were delivered of unhealthy addictions, and the entire crowd inside-and-out came under an unmistakable presence of God.

Every day, more testimonies are coming in of the hand of God at work during the Feast, and we hope to share those with you in the months ahead.

There also were a number of prayer burdens which we raised before the Lord during the Feast, and are now asking you to join us in believing God to intervene in various nations around the world.

These include:

1) Both the USA and Canada seem to be moving towards legally allowing abortions all the way up to the point of birth. Please pray that this would be stopped in both countries, and that their respective governments would turn in the opposite direction to protect the life of the unborn.

2) A group of Iraqis recently gathered in Irbil, in the northern Kurdish region, to publicly call for Iraq to join the Abraham Accords and make peace with Israel. In response, the authorities in Baghdad issued arrest warrants against several of the leaders of this rally. Please pray that Iraq would indeed begin to normalize relations with Israel and allow trade and friendly relations between their peoples.

3) Lebanon remains a country on the brink of economic collapse and religious-ethnic infighting. Please pray for the nation to be loosed from the evil grip of Hizbullah and Iran, and that it would recover from its financial meltdown. Also pray for divine protection over the Christian community in Lebanon and for boldness in their witness to others and in their prayers and faith in God to intervene in their embattled nation.

4) We also feel to pray for Nicaragua, that this country would be delivered from the influence of Marxist socialism so that the revival which has been impacting all the neighbouring countries in Central America would also sweep through this nation.

5) Finally, please pray for Israel and especially for the believing youth, that they would lead separated lives to God and their witness would have a great impact on their peers. Indeed, may “the spirit and power of Elijah” hit this nation, in order to “to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the disobedient to the wisdom of the just, to make ready a people prepared for the Lord.” (Luke 1:17) 


With richest blessings from Jerusalem!

David Parsons
Vice President & Senior Spokesman
International Christian Embassy Jerusalem

PS: Our first day of prayer for the Isaiah 62 Prayer Campaign this month will be on Wednesday, 6 October 2021. That same day, we also will be hosting our online Global Prayer Gathering, at 4:00 PM (Israel time). Please join us there at

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