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Inside the Embassy: Publications Director

Changing of the Guard

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19 Sep 2017 (All day)
Inside the Embassy: Publications Director

The ICEJ Publications Team has said goodbye to a highly valued publications director.

Estera Wieja began her career at the ICEJ as a volunteer in 2010. Serving effectively and faithfully, she was quickly given additional responsibilities and proved herself worthy of taking on the responsibility for the ICEJ’s main publication, the Word from Jerusalem.

During her time at the ICEJ, Estera has been a true asset to her superiors and an inspiration to her fellow servants in Christ. Her degree in journalism and personal accomplishments as a writer helped her set a high standard for the Publications Department. She’s a dear sister in Christ, who will be greatly missed. 

Estera will continue to serve Israel in her home country of Poland and in the United States, as she takes on new challenges as a writer and public speaker. Her new book on Israel is set to be published in Poland by the end of 2017. 

The new person at the helm of the ICEJ Publications Department is Dan V. Herron, a native of both Denmark and the United States, who has long had a heart and passion for Israel, even before he came to faith. Prior to moving to Israel three years ago, he taught English and Political Science for the Danish Armed Forces. Dan has graciously and tenaciously received the baton of Publications Director and is running full steam ahead!


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