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ICEJ Supports ‘Quiet Aliyah’ From Countries in Distress

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14 Dec 2020
ICEJ Supports ‘Quiet Aliyah’ From Countries in Distress

Many Jewish people around the world want to make Aliyah to Israel, but the circumstances in their current countries means it can be quite sensitive or even dangerous to openly plan their move to Israel. The hindrances in some of these countries could be repressive regimes, economic collapse, or antisemitic and anti-Israel leaders and cultures. Thus, it may take discreet measures to get these Jewish families safely home to Israel – a process referred to as “Quiet Aliyah.”

Over the past two years, the ICEJ has provided support for the rescue of over 500 Jews from nations which cannot be publicly named, due to the sensitivities involved. Identifying those in need and helping them emigrate out of their perilous situation can be risky. When they do finally arrive in Israel, these families often need special support to adapt to their new surroundings, while also overcoming the traumas of the past. This may include providing specialized psychologists and teachers to assist them as they start over in the Land of Israel.

The Lockers are one example of a Jewish family who successfully made quiet Aliyah from a distressed country with the ICEJ’s help. Perez and his wife had great jobs and a good life, but in 2012 their country began to crash due to government corruption, rampant crime and economic turmoil. By 2016, the Locker family was living in poverty and barely able to afford milk for their son. They were desperate to get to Israel, yet the process took them three years due to the many bureaucratic obstacles they had to navigate.

Recently, the Locker family arrived in Israel and were taken to the Sapir Aliyah Center in Kiryat Yam. It was as if the hand of God had brought this family up out their “Egypt” and into the Promised Land!

“I remember that we arrived at approximately four in the morning and we were greeted by one of the people in charge of security at the Aliyah center,” Perez said. “He helped us with our luggage and took us to our apartment. But he also gave us something very important from a cultural perspective – a smile. The way he welcomed us brought me and my family such happiness. I will never forget that moment because we knew that everything was fine and would continue to be so.”

“The Aliyah center staff and volunteers helped us open bank accounts, acquire identity cards, passports, driver's licenses, register our son in his new school and many other things,” added Perez. “They even made sure that we had dishes, cutlery, pots, a microwave oven, and linens. Thank you to all of the people involved in our Aliyah process for making our dream come true.”

We invite you to partner with us today as we continue to help bring home Jewish families from around the world and plant them in the Land of Israel.



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