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ICEJ Helping Immigrant Doctors Get Licensed in Israel

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13 Jan 2022
ICEJ Helping Immigrant Doctors Get Licensed in Israel

For several years now, the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem has sponsored a program launched by The Jewish Agency For Israel to provide new immigrant doctors with the licenses and tools they need to continue their medical careers here in Israel. At the same time, this program infuses Israel with the invaluable resource of added practitioners to help staff hospitals and clinics around the nation – an even greater need in the time of coronavirus.

This Doctor's Licensing Program helps level the playing field for immigrant Jewish doctors by providing them with the unique credentials and skills (especially language abilities) essential to their successful absorption in Israel.

Before the corona crisis hit, Israeli hospitals were already experiencing severe overcrowding and a growing shortage of physicians, as many doctors had reached retirement age, and there was an insufficient number of medical students to take their place.

Meanwhile, many talented men and women from the former Soviet republics have been making Aliyah eager to continue their medical career in the Jewish state. Among these olim (newcomers) are doctors from a wide range of fields whose valuable medical backgrounds are urgently needed in Israel. But they must first pass a medical relicensing exam before they can practice here.

Thus, the ICEJ has been supporting this Doctor's Licensing Program, which helps bolster both the Israeli medical field and these new immigrants. The program provides ongoing support in helping them adapt to life in Israel, obtain a license, and even find employment in Israeli hospitals.

Danyl Godim is a medical doctor from Ukraine who made Aliyah in 2019 with his wife Ana, a nurse, and their two children. The arrival of the Godim family marked a milestone for the ICEJ, as Dr. Godim marked the 150,000th Jewish immigrant assisted by the ICEJ over the past four decades. To celebrate the occasion, the Christian Embassy invited the Godim family to receive special recognition during our Israeli Guest Night at the Feast of Tabernacles 2019.

“We are grateful for all the assistance we have received, and could not have made Aliyah without it”, Danyl recently said as he warmly remembered their evening as our special Feast guests.

Danyl and his wife decided to make Aliyah because they felt Israel is their true home and a place where they can give their children a better future.

"Life in Ukraine was good, but we wanted to advance in the professional field and completely immerse ourselves in it”, said Danyl as Anna Godim concurred.

“Looking back today, there is no doubt that we made a good decision to take this opportunity for ourselves and for our children and we thank all the people who were involved in helping make this happen", he added.

Danyl came on the “Profession for a New Life” program for medical doctors, supported by ICEJ. This program lasts up to two years and at the end of the program, graduates receive a medical license in Israel, and begin the process of specialization and integration in the various positions in the Israeli health system.

Through in-depth Hebrew language studies focused on learning field-related terminology, and a unique course to prepare newcomers for the Israeli medical relicensing exam, this project provides an effective solution for newcomers who want to move their lives and careers to the Jewish homeland.

Despite his youthful looks, Dr Godim had already served for 20 years as an anesthesiologist at a large hospital in Ukraine and as a lecturer at a nursing school. Since arriving nearly three years ago, he has been eagerly awaiting the day he can fully practice here in Israel.

"I am currently doing an internship as an anesthesiologist at Laniado Hospital after years of working in this field in Ukraine", he said. "The moment I finish my internship will be an amazing moment marking the fulfillment of my dream – I will be a legitimate doctor in Israel."

Anna, an experienced nurse back in Ukraine, added that, "When we arrived in the country in 2019, I focused on caring for our children during our absorption in the country while Daniel spent most of his time in the program to get his medical license and continue the practical training he is carrying out these days.”

“It has now been two years since we arrived and we are now acclimatized to Israel. So, I am now planning the entry and integration process as a nurse here in the Israeli health system. It is a big dream that I am waiting to fulfill”, she said with excitement.

The ICEJ has just renewed our commitment to continue funding this special program for more physicians and nurses moving to Israel this year. It has a high rate of success among those taking the medical relicensing exam, plus it is a great blessing for these new Jewish immigrants and indeed for the whole nation as they help close the growing deficit of doctors in Israel.

Please give generously to this and other Aliyah and Integration efforts carried out by the ICEJ. Together, we are gathering the Jewish people and helping to build up Zion according to all that God has promised.




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