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ICEJ Welcomes US Recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital

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6 Dec 2017
ICEJ Welcomes US Recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital
The International Christian Embassy Jerusalem wholeheartedly welcomes today’s courageous landmark decision by US President Donald Trump to finally recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and move the American embassy here to this extraordinary city. This is a long overdue step which goes to the core of the historic national identity of the Jewish people.

This is an issue which also goes to the very heart of our calling as a ministry. Jerusalem holds great historical and religious significance for billions of people of faith all around the world. From our founding in 1980, the ICEJ has purposefully acknowledged that this universal reverence for Jerusalem originates with the Jewish people and the way that God birthed in them a deep spiritual attachment to this city. Without that foundational divine connection between the Jews and their beloved city, no one else would have ever really cared about Jerusalem.

For seven decades now Jerusalem has served as the capital of the reborn state of Israel, even when it was precariously surrounded by enemies and even though the nations refused to officially recognize it as such. This steadfast loyalty to Jerusalem has demonstrated its centrality to Jewish national life. In that time, Israel also has established a proven track record as the proper custodian of its many holy places. The Christian Embassy and our tens of thousands of Christian pilgrims can readily attest to the robust freedom of access and freedom of worship which we have enjoyed here for nearly four decades now.

Thus, we rejoice with the Jewish people that Jerusalem is finally getting its due recognition and respect. This is also a great day of rejoicing for our ministry, as the Christian Embassy has been at the forefront of Christian efforts to convince the community of nations to grant full diplomatic recognition to Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. In the case of the United States, we have a number of key people within our movement, such as David Parsons and Susan Michael, who have been intimately engaged in advancing this cause for decades. In fact, David wrote the original draft of the Jerusalem Embassy Act which was adopted back in 1995. We are now hopeful other nations will quickly follow the bold lead of the US Administration and move their embassies to this remarkable city. Surely, the time has come to end the wholly undeserved diplomatic snubbing of Jerusalem.

From the start of 2017, the Lord has been showing us that there is a Jubilee cycle in operation over Jerusalem in modern times, whereby every fifty years something dramatic is happening to release the city further into its prophetic destiny. This includes the discovery of the original City of David by Charles Warren in 1867, the liberation of Jerusalem by Gen. Edmund Allenby in 1917, and the reuniting of Jerusalem under Israeli sovereignty in 1967. So for months now we have been declaring in our publications and in our preaching around the world that there is yet another Jubilee release for Jerusalem this very year, and it appears to now be upon us. President Trump has made a geo-political decision, but it also signals a shift in the spiritual realm. We do not know yet what all the consequences of this move will be and how long they may play out; but we are convinced that Jerusalem is now being released even further into its redemptive destiny, and that we will see a tremendous impact in the global Church as well.

Meanwhile, many of Israel’s adversaries are now threatening to derail this US decision through violent protests and perhaps worse. But we are convinced that, in a year of Jubilee favor, we can pray and expect God to deal quickly with those who would seek to stoke violence against this decree. Thus, we again urge all our friends and followers to continue earnestly praying for the peace of Jerusalem in the critical days ahead.

Dr. Jürgen Bühler
International Christian Embassy Jerusalem


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