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The Referendum on Trump

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22 Oct 2020
The Referendum on Trump

And so we have the prophetic word confirmed, which you do well to heed as a light that shines in a dark place, until the day dawns and the morning star rises in your hearts… (2 Peter 1:19)

The late Bible teacher Derek Prince used to say that one of the worst things God could do to a nation is to place it under a ‘spirit of confusion.’ And he would often lament, half-jokingly, that his beloved Israel was saddled with a double portion of that spirit.

We are about to find out if the United States will be left languishing in a spirit of confusion by the upcoming election, or whether a clear prophetic voice has been restored to America.

Ahead of the 2016 election, there were several Evangelical figures in the United States who had similar prophetic words and visions that God was raising up Donald J. Trump to lead the country in a more godly direction. Several said the Lord would use a new leader as a “Trumpet” sounding across the land – and this was long before businessman Trump decided to run for president.

These prophetic voices were quite intriguing, yet some Christians were reluctant to fully embrace them. Were these prophets driven more by a vision to restore a ‘Christian America’ rather than by a desire to build the Kingdom of God? For when that becomes our primary goal it can create an idol, and our idols can often speak to us false words that we are all too eager to hear.

Many Evangelicals also had serious concerns over Trump’s character flaws. Yet they voted for him, largely because of the policies he espoused and the promises he made, particularly concerning Israel. It also helped to have Mike Pence, a genuine born-again believer, on the ticket. And they also wanted to believe the prophetic utterances concerning his candidacy were accurate.

Well, they turned out to be true. Despite all the odds stacked against him, Trump won! And he indeed has turned America in a more godly direction. He is the most pro-life president ever. He has defended religious freedoms that leftists would purge from the public square. He has slowed the erosion of traditional families and other biblical values. He has encouraged individual initiative and advancement based on hard work and merits, while creating jobs that are lifting every sector of society. He has stood for US national interests, and against globalization. He has cut taxes to grow the economy, and exposed corruption in government. And he has kept his promises concerning our ally Israel, in ways that were simply unimaginable four years ago.

Now, we are just days away from a second referendum on Trump. The odds against him are even greater this time, especially due to the widespread fears and economic uncertainties associated with the Coronavirus. The mainstream media are predicting a nationwide “blue wave” for the Democratic party – from presidential candidate Joe Biden on down the ballot. And they are doing everything they can to ensure it happens, with the full cooperation of the left-leaning, pro-globalization big tech companies. They are scourging Trump and anyone who dares to back him. They are burying and mocking anything that taints Biden’s long public record and his fitness for the highest office in the land. And when an ‘October surprise’ emerged in the form of his careless son Hunter Biden’s laptop, they have deliberately spread the tale that it is a “Russian disinformation campaign” – which in itself is a disinformation campaign.

Yet once again, prophetic voices have arisen which foresee another Trump victory against these overwhelming odds. These voices seem to have their motivates and priorities right. These are humble, God-fearing men, who are seeking righteousness and not the spotlight. They know this is a spiritual battle more than a political one. They appear to be ‘Kingdom first’ believers, and what they are seeing is that the things God wants to do with and for America through President Trump will take two terms in office to complete.

Like four years ago, nearly every paper, pollster and political pundit is predicting Trump’s defeat. Indeed, it seems only a miracle from heaven will keep him in office. But the prophets are saying it will happen. And when it does, it should leave little doubt that Trump truly has been chosen to lead America at this time. And perhaps more important in the long-term, it will become clear that the prophetic voice has been restored to America. That is a great blessing for this nation, and we would do well to heed this prophetic voice (2 Peter 1:19). It also has a divine purpose. God is wanting to use America in new and greater ways to bless the world, and to promote and defend liberty in a dark and difficult time.

The Israeli Perspective
We must hope and pray that a clear prophetic voice will be restored to Israel as well. After all, this is the nation that gave us the great Hebrew prophets of old, and the prophetic figures of the New Testament.

It is interesting that recent polls show some two-thirds of Israelis prefer the re-election of Donald Trump over Joe Biden, who drew only 18% support. That stands in sharp contrast to the American Jewish community, which the latest polls concur will go for Biden at a 75% rate, with only the conservative Orthodox community turning out for Trump in large numbers.

Why this huge disparity between Israeli and American Jews on the biggest political question of our day? What do Israelis see that their American Jewish cousins do not?

First of all, most Israelis clearly grasp that President Trump is the best friend they have ever had in the White House – hands down! This positive view of Trump goes beyond his acknowledging of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and his move of the US Embassy here. It goes beyond his recognition of the Golan as sovereign Israeli territory, and his legitimizing of Israel’s legal rights and presence in Judea/Samaria. It even goes beyond his withdrawal from the seriously flawed Iranian nuclear agreement. It also has to do with the way Trump and his Administration have defended Israel from the constant bullying they face in the international arena. This is something ordinary Israelis appreciate in ways that American Jews – and most others outside this country – cannot fathom. It wears on a people to be hounded, degraded and defamed for so many decades in United Nations forums, and Israelis are glad that someone has finally stood up for them.

President Trump also is taking concrete steps to erode away at this global structure for bullying Israel. When Serbia and Kosovo sought US mediation of a bilateral economic agreement, Trump required that they also do right by Israel. When the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain sought greater US protection from Iran, they had to sign diplomatic accords with Israel. When Sudan now wants off the terror-sponsorship list, they too must make friends with Israel.

Many Israelis also know that Joe Biden, on the other hand, would undoubtedly return the US to the globalization bandwagon, which is so easily manipulated by the anti-Israel club. The globalization process means ceding more and more national sovereignty to the UN and other international agencies that are already infested with anti-Zionist and even antisemitic operatives, such as the special prosecutor at the International Criminal Court in the Hague, or the UN Human Rights Council, which just elected such repressive regimes as Russia, China, Cuba and Pakistan as members.

Tech giants like Facebook and Twitter are baldly supporting Biden’s candidacy because they welcome this same globalization process. And it is not so much out of some liberal idealism, but more out of pure profit motives. After all, Facebook now has several billion users and wants access to an unfettered global market placed beyond Washington’s regulation.

But we are seeing in this election why that is a such a dangerous proposition. Global cooperation can be used for great good, but global governance can also be used for great evil. There is such enormous potential for abuse of power by an insulated elite, for suppression of truth, and for repression of peoples and their basic rights. And no doubt Israel will remain a target of the thug nations endemic to globalization.

Perhaps that is why Donald Trump is so needed at this hour. He seems to be the only one uniquely capable of putting the brakes to the globalization drive – and the dark side lurking in its shadow.


David Parsons is an author, attorney, journalist, and ordained minister who serves as Vice President and senior spokesman for the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem;


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