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Netanyahu Leads National Security Advisers Meeting

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25 Jun 2019
Netanyahu Leads National Security Advisers Meeting
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu presided over a trilateral meeting at the Orient Hotel in Jerusalem on Tuesday. During his opening comments, with Israeli National Security Adviser Meir Ben-Shabbat, US National Security Adviser John Bolton and the Secretary of the Russian National Security Council, Nikolai Patrushev seated next to him, Netanyahu said the summit was “historic because it’s the first meeting between our three countries’ national security advisors in our capital, Jerusalem. I want to thank President Trump and President Putin for agreeing to hold this security summit and for sending their most senior advisors. I deeply value the strong relationships that Israel has with both leaders and both countries.”

Here is the video of his full remarks

Before the meetings began, Bolton told reporters that “The threat of a nuclear Iran is very real,” and that the US could not lift sanctions as long as Iran has "blown through key agreements in the nuclear deal." In response to a question about the decision by Palestinian factions to boycott the “deal of the century” economic discussions in Bahrain this week, he said “I think it’s a mistake for the Palestinians to boycott.” The trilateral meeting, Bolton said to Netanyahu, “is a tribute to your leadership and a recognition of the central role that Israel does and must play in securing international peace and security…through your strong relationships with both [Russian] President [Vladimir] Putin and President Trump, there is a substantially greater prospect for coordination of our perspective policies in order to achieve a secure and lasting peace in the region.”

Patrushev said during his own remarks to the press that the Kremlin puts “special attention on ensuring Israel’s security” for many reasons including the nearly two million citizens of Israel with roots in the former Soviet Union. He added that although Russia is sympathetic to Israel’s concerns about Iran’s presence in neighboring Syria “in order to solve the situation in Syria, there is a need to restore peace in the region and in Syria. To achieve those goals, steps are needed to ensure internal order in Syria and the destruction of the terrorist groups that still remain there.”

Palestinians Protest Bahrain Summit
Large protests were held in the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip and the Palestinian Authority administered cities in the West Bank on Monday against the scheduled opening Tuesday of talks in Manama, Bahrain, aimed at exploring economic aspects of US President Donald Trump’s so-called “deal of the century” to end the decades-long conflict between the Palestinians and Israel. Meanwhile, Israeli officials announced on Tuesday that in response to the large number of incindiery kites and balloons which have been sent over the border into Israel from Gaza in recent days, sparking fires which have destroyed hundreds of dunums of crops and forests, Israel will cease supplying fuel to the Gaza Strip until further notice.

Nintendo Opens Outlet Store in Tel Aviv
The movement to Boycott, Divest and Sanction (BDS) Israel suffered another defeat this week when video game giant Nintendo opened a retail store in Tel Aviv’s iconic Dizengoff Center. The store is only the second such facility Nintendo has opened worldwide, following the first one New York’s Rockerfeller Center in 2005.

Israel Blesses the World
Israeli company Watergen, whose products take vapor from the air and convert it into clean, usable water, will soon begin operating in drought-stricken South Africa, thanks to a large grant from the Ford Motor Company. The generators will be installed in schools, health clinics and private homes. “We are thrilled with this shared cooperation. We share the same goals of assisting communities all around the globe," said Watergen President Dr. Michael Mirilashvili.

Today’s video shows the way Israel’s Olympic Athletes are preparing to compete


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