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Israeli Officials Blast UNHRC for Biased Decisions

Israeli-Arab MKs Protest Own Government

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21 May 2018 (All day)
Israeli Officials Blast UNHRC for Biased Decisions
A decision on Friday afternoon by the UN Human Rights Council to launch a commission of inquiry into Israel’s treatment of Palestinians in Gaza, the West Bank and eastern Jerusalem, following the recent Hamas-inspired riots on the Gaza border was blasted by Israeli officials as a pre-determined attempt to blame Israel for the violence. “There is nothing new under the sun. An organization that calls itself a council for human rights has once again proven that it is hypocritical and biased [and its] purpose is to harm Israel and support terror,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said. “Israel completely rejects the resolution that was adopted by an automatic anti-Israel majority whose results were known from the start. Israel will continue to defend its citizens and soldiers as it has the right to defend itself.”

The motion to launch the commission of inquiry passed by a vote of 29-2 with 14 abstentions and two absences. Although it mentioned a need to investigate all parties involved in the recent riots, the final version of the resolution included a specific condemnation of Israel.

Israeli Ambassador to the UN in Geneva Aviva Raz Shechter spoke out during the debate over the resolution, declating that the UNHRC “served for hours as a floor for incitement and spreading lies against Israel... Despite the facts presented to you, you chose to reward Hamas’s terror. You preferred to support the Palestinians’ delegitimization effort rather than constructive dialogue with Israel. This resolution is void of any sense, and deserves nothing less.”

The US representative to the debate said the UNHRC was “blatantly taking sides and ignoring the real culprit for the recent outbreak of violence – the terrorist organization Hamas. Hamas has even admitted its involvement in the violence when a Hamas official proudly announced that 50 of the 62 killed were members of Hamas. The United States affirms Israel’s right to defend itself. We also condemn in the strongest terms actions by Hamas and other militant groups.” The US delegate added that “The scale of violence is quite small compared to the worst human rights situations occurring across the globe. It is hypocritical for this body to spend time and money on this commission if there are no commissions looking into human rights and atrocities in the DPRK, Iran, Cuba, Venezuela and the Russian occupation of Crimea. The continued anti-Israel bias of this council does nothing to promote that future, and the one-sided action proposed by this council today only further shows that the Human Rights Council is a broken body.”

Here are some videos posted by Israel in response to the riots and their diplomatic aftermath

In related news, there was a protest march in the northern Israeli city of Haifa on Friday evening against the IDF’s defense of Israel during the riots on the Gaza border. 21 people were arrested during the protest, which featured demonstrators waving Palestinian flags and angry chants in what some demonstrators described as a “day of rage against the occupation.” Following the demonstrations, many protesters accused the police of brutality. Smaller follow-up demonstrations were held in the subsequent days.

Members of Knesset from the Joint “Arab” List participated in the demonstrations, prompting an outcry from several of their fellow lawmakers.

Communications Minister Ayoub Kara said, “The behavior of some Israeli Arabs in Haifa, and specifically their representatives in the Knesset from the Joint List, is somewhere between incitement and treachery. The time has come for the incited mob to decide if they support Hamas and terrorism, or if they’re part of the democratic and Western State of Israel. They can’t enjoy the rights and benefits that the State of Israel provides and then protest and support the enemy.”


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