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Israel Allegedly Destroys Iranian Missile Factory in Syria

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15 Apr 2019
Israel Allegedly Destroys Iranian Missile Factory in Syria
Satellite images were released by a private Israeli security firm on Sunday showing the apparent destruction of a facility believed to be an Iranian surface-to-surface missile factory in Syria’s Masyaf District, while Israeli Defence officials were declining to respond to reports that Israeli aircraft hit the site Saturday evening. However, incumbent Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke at an event Sunday evening in which he said that the Jewish State would “continue to act” on the northern border to guarantee security for Israel and its citizens.

“When Israel’s security is at stake, we are operating at full force, and whoever puts us at risk is in a much greater danger,” he declared. “We will continue to act on all fronts, including on the northern front, because we are not prepared to allow someone to establish power and endanger the State of Israel. Power is the guarantee of our existence, and it is the essential and fundamental condition for achieving peace with our neighbours.”

Here is a video which give a closer look at Iran's malign activities in the wider Middle East

Israel blesses the world
Israel sent a team to assist the Ethiopian government fight a large wildfire in the Simien Mountains National Park in Gondor Province over the weekend. Also over the weekend, the Swedish Transport Administration announced that it has selected wireless vehicle charging technology developed by Israel-based Electreon Wireless as part of a project to build the world’s first dynamic electric road system connecting Visby Airport to the city of Visby on the Baltic Sea island of Gotland.

“We are excited that we have been selected to take part in the Swedish government’s ambitious program to examine and implement electric road technology as a solution to electrify heavy trucks on highways,” said Electreon CEO Oren Ezer. “The selection of Electreon by the Swedish government after careful filtration testifies to the recognition of the potential of the technology to bring the global electrification revolution to the next critical stage of full implementation.”

Collaboration Launched Between MIT and Israeli Universities
The movement to Boycott, Divest and Sanction (BDS) Israel suffered another defeat over the weekend when the US-based Aerospace industrial conglomerate Lockheed Martin and MIT International Science and Technology Initiatives (MISTI) announced on Sunday that they are jointly launching the MIT-Lockheed Martin Seed Fund to promote collaborative projects between the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Israeli institutions of higher learning and research.

IDF Preparing for Passover
The Israel Defence Forces (IDF) is gearing up for Passover, which begins on Friday evening, issuing a statement over the weekend that it has purchased and is preparing 12,000 kg. of various kinds of kosher flour, 2,400 kg. of matza flour, 13,000 kg. of fish,  50,000 kg. of beef, 45,000 kg. of turkey, and 130,000 kg. of chicken to feed its troops over the week-long holiday. Additionally, 65,000 kg. of matzah, 230,000 kosher-for-Passover rolls, and 13,000 charoset units have been purchased, along with various other treats.

Israeli Space Program Bouncing Back After Lunar Crash
Following last Thursday evenings unsuccessful attempt to land the SpaceIL Beresheet spacecraft on the Moon, Morris Kahn, the primary sponsor of the project, announced on Saturday evening that there will be another attempt. "We are going to build a new [spacecraft], we're going to put it on the moon, and we are going to complete the mission," he said. The team reportedly began work on “Beresheet 2.0” Sunday morning.

Today’s video shows some of the defenders of Israel in action


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