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Iranian Claims that Riots Are Over Ring Hollow

Reports of Violent Demonstrations Continue

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21 Nov 2019
Iranian Claims that Riots Are Over Ring Hollow
Haunting pictures of burnt out government buildings, banks and police stations began to emerge from Iran just hours after President Hassan Rouhani’s triumphant statement Wednesday that the riots which broke out last weekend following the announcement of gasoline tax increases, had ended. Rouhani said that the security crackdown which ended the riots that some analysts estimate resulted in over 200 deaths and many more injuries and hundreds of millions of dollars worth of property damage, represented a victory for the clerical regime which rules Iran over its foreign and domestic enemies. However, unconfirmed reports from several cities inside Iran indicated that demonstrations were continuing even as Rouhani was speaking.

"The Iranian people have again succeeded in an historic test and shown they will not let enemies benefit from the situation, even though they might have complaints about the country's management," Rouhani said during his speech.

In related news, human rights organizations expressed outrage on Thursday following news that six environmental activists in Iran had been sentenced to lengthy jail terms on bizarre charges of “spying” on Iran for its foreign enemies.

Finally, Saudi Arabia's King Salman issued a rare public statement on Wednesday urging Iran to stop what he called its “expansionist ideology” which had negative effects on Iran’s own population.

"We hope the Iranian regime chooses the side of wisdom and realises there is no way to overcome the international position that rejects its practices, without abandoning its expansionist and destructive thinking that has harmed its own people," the king told the consultative Shura Council. He added that Saudi Arabis has also “suffered from the policies and practices of the Iranian regime and its proxies.”

Here are some videos about recent developments in Iran


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