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Fragile Calm Returns to Southern Israel

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25 Feb 2020
Fragile Calm Returns to Southern Israel
A fragile cease-fire on the Gaza-Israel border appeared to be holding Tuesday afternoon following a barrage of over 50 rockets fired into Israel from the Hamas-ruled enclave on Sunday and Monday and retaliatory strikes by Israeli aircraft on terror infrastructure inside the Strip. The Iranian-backed Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) terror militia launched most of the rockets that were fired into Israel but announced a unilateral cease-fire at 11 PM Monday evening. Israeli officials said they are prepared to launch a broad offensive into the Strip if there are any more flare-ups.

Here is a video posted by the IDF about the recent barrage of rockets

Coronavirus Fears Impacting Global Economy
Following Monday’s massive drop in stock markets around the world over fears of economic losses due to the rapidly spreading COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak, the Bank of Israel announced late in the day that it was keeping its benchmark interest rate at 0.25%. “Inflation is expected to remain low in the coming months and may even become negative, but it is expected to move back toward the lower bound of the target range in the second half of the year,” the bank’s monetary committee said in a statement. Other fallout from the crisis became apparent throughout the day and into Tuesday.

“According to the Bank of Israel’s assessment, beyond the impact on specific companies, this scenario is not expected to have a significant macroeconomic effect in Israel, even though China is a significant trading partner in a range of industries,” the bank said. “If the crisis persists and flows over into other countries, and particularly if strict preventive measures will be required in Israel, it is expected to have a more significant impact, the scope of which is difficult to assess at this stage.”

However, as if to underscore the uncertainty surrounding potential risks, Israel’s Health Ministry issued a travel warning for Italy on Monday following reports of a large number of people in that country testing positive for the virus.

Israel’s National Basketball Team On Winning Streak
Israel’s national basketball team defeated Romania 87-63 on Monday night at the Drive-In Arena in Tel Aviv in its second victory of the EuroBasket 2021 qualifying round. “This was an important win for us and it’s always great to represent the Israel national team,” said Deni Avdija of Maccabi Tel Aviv. “It’s the biggest honor for any player to do so for their country.”

Iranians Suspect Their Government Is Lying About Epidemic
Iran's Health Ministry angrily dismissed accusations made by various activist groups this week that it has attempted to conceal the true scope of the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak in the country, despite some of the accusations coming from regime officials in the city of Qom, which is the epicentre of the outbreak in Iran. Eyewitness reports from Qom have also appeared in various media outlets speaking about a lack of protective clothing for health workers and other worrisome indications that the situation is being badly mishandled by the clerical regime which rules Teheran.

Mubarak of Egypt Dies at 91
Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, who ruled in Cairo for 30 years before being toppled in the wave of protests which became known to history as “the Arab Spring” in 2011, died on Tuesday at the age of 91. His passing was announced on official state TV in Egypt.


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