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 Skyline over the Old City of Jerusalem

The ICEJ is committed to seeking godly peace and pro-active solutions for Israel and its neighbors, while not being willing to overlook injustice for the sake of any cause. We believe that Israel has a right to live safely in the land that God has promised her, and that Jerusalem should remain her undivided capital under Jewish sovereignty. That is our starting point.

But many of the key issues at the heart of the Middle East conflict are complex. Whether it is the existential threat that Israel faces from terrorist entities such as Hamas and Hezbollah, or the growing campaign to delegitimize Israeli self-defence by labelling her an 'apartheid state' Christians need to get better informed. The following resources are designed to enable you to do just that.

The global reach of the ICEJ means that we have branches and representatives in over 100 nations of the world. Consider getting more involved with local ICEJ Events in your area, attending the Feast of Tabernacles celebration in Jerusalem.

Palestinian Statehood

The Palestinians want the UN to endorse their bid to declare a Jew-free state throughout Judea, Samaria, Gaza and Jerusalem, avoiding the need to negotiate a peace deal with Israel...
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Delegitimizing Israel

Israel is currently facing an unprecedented campaign of delegitimization and Christians need to know how to respond....
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The Durban Declaration

In 2001 the United Nations convened an 'anti-racism' summit that singled out Israel as an 'apartheid state.' The Durban Declaration was then reaffirmed at Durban II in Geneva in 2009...
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Jerusalem United

Get informed on the issue of Jerusalem. Watch videos on the legitimate Jewish claim to the Old City of Jerusalem and read analysis on the issues of sovereignty and diplomacy that impact us all...
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A Nuclear Iran

In September 18, 2008 the ICEJ delivered a global petition to the United Nations signed by over 55,000 Christians demanding that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad be indicted for incitement to genocide... Learn more »


The ICEJ is called to confront the rising hostility that threatens Israel and the Jewish community worldwide and are working with Israel's Holocaust Remembrance Center, Yad Vashem to help Christians better understand and confront modern anti-Semitism.  Learn more »

Persecution of Christians

Islamic extremism is responsible for the persecution of Christians and oppression of women throughout the Middle East. The ICEJ helps Palestinian Christians, Jewish immigrants from Ethiopia, and African refugees who have fled Muslim warlords in Sudan and persecution in Egypt.  Learn more »

Islam and Terrorism

The historical connection between Islam and terrorism goes back to Muhammad himself and can only truly be understood by a study of the teachings of the Koran. Much of the West remains blind to this fact despite thousands killed by suicide bombers, from Mumbai to New York.  Learn more »


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