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The truth about Israel and Christian Zionism

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An Unprecedented Campaign

Israel is currently facing an unprecedented campaign of delegitimization. The boycott, sanctions and divestment (BDS) movement is at the forefront of a concerted effort by western pro-Palestinian activists, radical trade unionists, neo-Marxist groups, mainline Christian denominations to combat the perceived US political bias towards Israel. is a project of the US Branch of the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem dedicated to sharing the facts and spreading the truth about Israel and Christian Zionism. Non-partisan, objective, and balanced, IsraelAnswers provides a unique online educational resource for the Christian world – and well beyond.

An Existential Threat

At the heart of the delegitimization campaign is the assumption that the founding of the State of Israel was a historic 'mistake' that needs to be corrected. There is a belief that Israel is a racist, apartheid entity that can be dismantled in favor of a single bi-national democratic state of Jews and Arabs living together in 'peace'. Once 'Israel' - as a Jewish national homeland - is discredited by comparison with Apartheid South Africa then she can be demonized as the primary obstacle to peace in the Middle East. Once it can be demonstrated that her existence is a violation of international law, any action she takes to defend herself can itself be deemed illegal.

An Escalating Conflict

This movement is gaining powerful traction in Western media and government circles at a time when Israel is facing an escalating military threat brought on by Iran's quest for nuclear weapons and its active sponsorship of proxy armies in Syria, Lebanon and the Gaza Strip.


  Equipping the Church

Our prime objective is to stand against the delegitimization of Israel by equipping the Church with the necessary tools to defend Israel theologically and to withstand the propaganda onslaught of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement.

Israel Answers website by the ICEJA Theological Battle

Of great concern is the increasing degree to which this movement is targeting and influencing a new generation Evangelical and post-Evangelical leaders who see Christian Zionism as a touchstone of everything that is wrong with the traditional evangelicalism of the previous generation. Our Bible teaching resources will lay a firm theological foundation for Christian support of Israel and the biblical mandate to love and stand with the Jewish people.

A Practical Response

Our commitment is to provide you with the tools you need to combat this campaign of delegitimization against Israel. Whether in the form of talking points, blog posts, audio downloads, Bible teaching, news analysis or advocacy campaigns - the Israel Defense Network is a mechanism through which pro-Israel Christians can be empowered to stand against the tide, and make the case for Israel in the local church and the wider community.


Defending Israel

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