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Help Victims of Raging Forest Fires in Israel

ICEJ Aid Disaster Relief Appeal

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Fires in Northern Israel

Learn more about how we've been able to help so far (pdf)

Israel was recently beset by a rash of 220 different forest fires - many believed to have been set by arsonists - causing damage in many towns and villages nationwide. The most dire situation was in the northern city of Haifa, where several major blazes spread rapidly into built-up areas of the city and some 60,000 residents were evacuated.

The ICEJ operates our Home for Holocaust Survivors in Haifa in partnership with a local charity. At the request of Haifa’s mayor, our facilities at the Haifa Home were opened up to be used as an emergency shelter for elderly residents of the city. 

Our ICEJ Aid team rushed up to Haifa to bring assistance to those in need. Within a short space of time, thanks to the generosity of our supporters around the world, the ICEJ Aid team was able to deliver the following:

  • 181 emergency beds for evacuating elderly/families.
  • 25 oxygen generators for the elderly and some other small medical equipment.
  • 78 beds that are being distributed to families who need to replace furniture.
  • 38 refrigerators
  • 15 washing machines
  • 150 blankets
  • Food
  • 20 families who either lost their home or if their home was severely damaged received a $1,000 first help donation.   

Read the story of one family we were able to help ›

This crisis gave Christians like you and me a unique opportunity to come to Israel’s aid in real time! Please help us continue to assist the victims of the Haifa fires today. Your gift is much appreciated.

Make a donation here to help fire victims in Israel.

Thanks so much for responding today!

Juergen Buehler

Dr. Jürgen Bühler
Executive Director



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