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New Group of Bomb Shelters Delivered

ICEJ extends protection to more communities along Gaza border

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ICEJ recently had the privilege of delivering a group of new bomb shelters to the Gaza Border. Despite the challenges faced in these areas of Israel, locals continue to thrive in their lives, thanks to your generosity!

Wednesday, October 17, at around 3.30 AM, a rocket slammed into a first-story bedroom in a family home in Beersheba. The Iron Dome rocket-defense system did not activate in this instance. The cause for the failure is still under investigation, but the incident proves the life-saving importance of being able to reach adequate bomb shelters in time. No one was seriously injured by the rocket, but had the family mother not reacted to the alarm siren and gotten her three children to safety, disaster would have struck. 

Watch this video about the impact that you and many Christians around the world are having on Israelis in crisis. Listen to Dr. Jürgen Bühler explain the importance of bomb shelters for Israel's border communities as the ICEJ's latest bomb shelter is installed next to a youth sports center, and hear the gratitude expressed by a local Israeli.

Please continue to support these efforts. Join us in continuing to show God’s love to the Jewish people by helping them build bomb shelters that protect their lives and give them the sense of security they need to endure!


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