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The founding of the ICEJ in 1980 was a statement to the world that there are Christians who stand for the Jewish people's right to live peacefully in their biblical homeland and that we defend their 3,000 year old claim to Jerusalem as their capital.

From the "Mordecai Outcry" for Russian Jews in 1981 to the current "Jerusalem United" campaign, the ICEJ continues to take a stand for the state of Israel and Jewish people around the globe. Join us as we seek to work with the Lord in accomplishing His purposes for His people at this time.

Prayer Campaigns

The ICEJ is committed to the task of calling the people of God to prayer, for Israel, and for the nations of the world. Since January 2011 thousands have joined our Isaiah 62 Prayer Campaign...
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Advocacy Campaigns

Whether it is fighting for the recognition of Israeli sovereignty over Jerusalem or opposing the delegitimization of the Jewish people, the ICEJ remains active in standing up for Israel across the world...
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Key Issues

Many of the issues at the heart of the Middle East conflict are complex. Whether it is the existential threat of Iran, or the growing campaign to delegitimize Israel, we need to get better informed...
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