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New Immigrant Assistance

Planting the Jewish people in their homeland

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ICEJ AID: Immigrant Absorption

ICEJ Aid offers you the opportunity to partner with us in helping new immigrants as they come to Israel. God promised that He would bring back the Jewish people to the land of Israel from all over the earth and plant them in their land. Here, ICEJ Aid steps in and actively helps new immigrants get planted and rooted in Israel.

Vocational Training/Hebrew Classes for New Immigrants

The three pillars of a successful absorption are language, belonging (social network), and employment. Therefore it is important to provide vocational training that will allow these new arrivals to integrate into the job market and live independently.

The ICEJ sponsors various programs, which offer immigrants basic Hebrew lessons followed by Hebrew classes which are specialized for their particular fields. Such as helping doctors become certified in Israel, equipping young immigrant with technical training to be software engineers, and assisting young Ethiopians with a pre-academic program so they can advance in their field of study. All of these classes are followed by months of professional training focused on preparing to help individuals become employed in their field in Israel.

Mentoring for Struggling New Immigrant Families

The program is divided into three stages over the course of ayear with an additional year of follow-up. Phase one assists families with taking care of initial basic needs  for survival. Phase two focuses on other challenges such as education, extra-curricular activities, and educational assistance for the children, or counselling.

The aid here is determined according to the unique needs of each family being assisted. Phase three of the project is dedicated to helping the family find employment and assisting with ongoing questions related to their integration. In the first year of the program, work with the families is quite intensive; the second year and following is mostly focused on follow-up.


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