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Coronavirus causes distress for Israel's families

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Israelis under hardship due to the global Coronavirus threat

This tiny virus – smaller than one micrometer – has brought the world economy to its knees with plunging stock markets, international travel at a virtual standstill, and many peoples and nations gripped with fear of a possible pandemic. Many Israeli families are in mandatory quarantine, while the elderly and other vulnerable groups have also been advised to stay home.

In response, ICEJ is working with local Israeli charities to provide home deliveries of food/household items to assist those in need, including:

  • Families and individuals under the mandatory at-home self-quarantine
  • Holocaust survivors, shut-ins and the elderly
  • Disadvantaged families or those experiencing difficulties as a result of the spread of the virus
  • New Jewish immigrants making Aliyah, who are also required to self-quarantine for two weeks

Although Coronavirus is impacting nations all over the world, this is your opportunity to demonstrate love and concern for Israel during this global emergency by helping us feed and care for these Israelis in need.

This appeal is based on the example set by the Gentile believers in Antioch – the first ones to be called “Christians” – as recorded in the Book of Acts, chapter 11. A great famine was impacting the entire known world during the reign of Emperor Claudius. And even though they had urgent needs of their own, the followers of Jesus in Antioch first “determined to send a contribution for the relief of the brethren living in Judea.” (see Acts 11:26-30)

Please consider a gift to help us provide and care for those confined to their homes in Israel. We are working to make sure these families and elderly people have food and other necessities as they wait out this health scare. Thank you for thinking of Israel, even as your own nation deals with the Coronavirus threat.


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